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Specification SSB Icom IC-M78

Specification SSB Icom IC-M78  

=AM/SSB/CW Modes
=Digital S/RF Meter
=1.6-30 MHz Transmit
=Noise Blanker
=VOX Function
=IF Shift
=100 Watt Output (40 AM)

=Multi Function Meter
=Keypad Input
=CW Keyer
=Front Firing Speaker
=Microphone Compressor
=10 Hz Readout
=1 Hz Tuning

The Icom IC-78 has a receive range of 30 kHz to 30 MHz.
It has a transmit capability from 1.6 to 30 MHz.
This radio is very easy to operate with one touch band switching,
direct frequency input via keypad and auto tuning steps
(senses the rate at which the tuning knob is turned).
The receiver section features IF Shift, Adjustable Noise Blanker and RIT.
99 duplex memory channels are available for storing individual transmit
and receive frequencies, operating mode, filter setting,
as well as 8-character channel names. You can enter channel
assignments easily from the 10-key pad. The keypad may also
be used for direct frequency entry In addition, an extra 1 call memory
is available for storing the most often used, or most important frequency.
 An independent, one-touch recall switch is available. The transmit section
features up to 100 watts of RF output and AF speech compression to increase
average audio output. A Morse keyer is built-in. The meter shows output power,
 ALC and VSWR. The layout and basic operation of this rig is simple. The easy-to-read,
large LCD and front firing speaker make this rig ideal for either mobile or base
installations. Its one-piece, die-cast aluminum construction, combined with a large
heat sink, helps keep internal temperatures down and ensures that operation is
stable at high duty. cycles. The has rear panel a standard SO-239 antenna jack.

The IC-78 requires 12 VDC at 20 amps. The IC-78 comes with the HM-36 hand mic
and OPC-025A DC power cable. Size:  9.67 x 3.8 x 9.5 inches 8 Lbs 6 oz.
(240x95x239mm 3.8 kg). Optional filters require soldering.

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