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Predicted 10 Laptop Will Popular In Future

development of computer software surged so quickly in the end.
Moreover, after the device was found in the form of a portable computer or laptop Notebook.
In further developments, innovations in computer software and even its speed is almost comparable to the development of a Mobile Phone or HP. Laptop with touch screen (touch screen) is one easy example.

Predicted 10 Laptop Will Popular In Future

Looking ahead to the development of computer hardware is expected perengakat even more powerful. Moreover, from this moment and years later all human activities are expected to be served and dominated by computer work.

That is also why the computer device companies as competing to create the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the field of computers. Both in terms of design and facilities or the technology.

Of the many laptop designs that are being developed, there are at least 10 laptop concept that predicted the future will be popular. What is it?

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop
Canova Dual Screen Laptop is a laptop that has two screens, or multi-touch screen.
And it is very easy to use.
Not only can be used to handle the tasks of everyday computing, advanced laptops can also be used to read the article in the laptop.

2. Vaio Zoom
Vaio Zoom is a futuristic notebook that has a transparent holographic glass screen.

3. DesCom
In principle, two laptops DesCom this is one concept that "seamlessly" and "merges" with the table.

4. MacTab
MacTab a cordless keyboard devices are very thin.

5. LG Ecological Laptop
LG Ecological laptop concept is a laptop concept that uses fuel cell batteries and features organic display technology (OLED). So it is a laptop or a green environmentally friendly laptop.

6. Compenion Laptop Concept
Compenion concept laptop designed by Felix Schmidberger.
This laptop consists of two sliding OLED screens, one of which can be used as a keyboard.

7. Samsung Amoled Concept
Samsung AMOLED concept is a concept notebook from Samsung that has a very unique design, and the shape of a thin and slippery. Also equipped with a touch-sensitive keyboard.

8. Traveller Concept Laptop
Traveller concept laptop is a GPS navigation system for pedestrians with internal storage to save photos or data and built-in geotagging function so that users always know where he was taking photos.

  9. Canvas Laptop Concept
Canvas laptop concept is a futuristic concept laptop that is used to provide a better quality for the designer with a very thin touchscreen features.

10. Macbook 0801
0801 Macbook laptop concept is the work of Isamu Sanada.
Almost like a black version of the Macbook Air. This laptop has an ultra thin keyboard and a very sleek design.

That's 10 concept laptop design which is predicted to be a trend in the future. Or the term cool futuristic laptop.

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