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Ball Predictions Malmo FF VS Ventspils July 17, 2014

 Ball Predictions Malmo FF VS Ventspils July 17, 2014
Predictions Malmo FF VS Ventspils, Football Predictions, Results Malmo VS Ventspils
Malmo FF will host Ventspils on 17 July 2014, at 00.00 pm to be held at the Swedbank Stadion (Malmö) in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, 1979 was the heyday for Malmo, they become the best soccer team in Europe, even they could advance to the final round of the European Champions Club Cup Champions. 

But the team from Sweden had not been able to taste the sweetness of it, even those sequestered in the middle of the Allsvenskan league. Currently Malmo placing high hopes on young talent to lead them back to their heyday. With the average - average age of players between 23 and 28 years were able to win the title Malmo 17th Swedish last year and is positioned on top of the Allsvenskan again. Plus they made ​​it to the third round kulaifikasi Europa League, where they played a draw against Swansea with a score of 0-0 in the stable, but lost 0-4 in Wales.

Unfortunately two of their best players move to another club in Europe, Albornoz to Hannover and Jansson to Torino. Nevertheless Malmo seems not so concerned with the departure of two talented players, because there are still some international players who played for Malmo Sweden. Especially for the forward positions, they have a strong striker like Magnus Eriksson and captain Markus Rosenberg is unfortunately right wing Malmo Guillermo Molins tion injury and should be absent for this match.

Ventspils possessed of international experience in the qualifying round of the league as they lead the league qualifying round of the Champions League and Europa League recently. However Ventspils game statistics show those who excel at home and less at the maximum playing away. Similarly, Malmo, Ventspils also became champion last year.

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